Monday, July 22, 2013


Yeah!! Didn't realize there was an app. for phones. It's on. Made me sad I couldn't blog like I did with Gavin. Well Eli is 10 weeks. Just over two months. At his appointment he was 16 lbs and 24 inches long. He is a big boy and ready to go. Glad I can get this going again. Feel so bad bogging down Facebook. I am a proud parent.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today is the day!!! Eli is going to be here anytime!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Growing Family!

Our life is wonderful and I feel very thankful! Kaitlin has moved in with us. Such a GREAT teen. It is nice to have another female in the house. I was starting to feel a little on my own. With that being said we will be welcoming another little boy to the family. Eli will be here around May 16. I have to say this pregnancy is so much different than mine with Gavin. With Gavin I could of had a small fleet of little ones. After Mr.Eli I am confident to say this will be our last. It is so wonderful creating a little human being, but I am so excited to start watching them all grow. It is such a miracle. Gavin is doing so well in school. He loves learning Spanish, I think it keeps him challenged which he so needed. Next task is finding him a sport or extra activity he enjoys as much as learning. Kaitlin is also doing well. Her last assignment she received 100%. A paper that kids in class had more time to work on. Because she came in to school later she didn't have the same time as the other kids. She is so inspiring. I know she will do so much and excel in the future. Kenney is working at Sportsmans Warehouse. He his enjoying his job but looking forward to a future at Boeing. He finished up some classes in Decemember that should help him get employment there or another aerospace firm. He is now 2 back surgeries and 1 neck surgery down and working on a healthier and more fit lifestyle. As for myself all I can say is same old same old, just a different day. Still working a the Bank I love it and think of it as my other family. My co-workers and the organization are amazing. As for being pregnant all I can say is BLESSING!! 2013 is going to be an AMAZING year! I can't wait to see each turn that it takes. I know I will embrace every moment and need to remind myself how thankful I am for an amazing God that has given it all to us. Cheers to 2013!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Family Updates

I can't believe it has been well over a year. So much has happened in our little family. Gavin is now in Kindergarten and enjoying every second of it. He started the dual language program and has learned so much Spanish in just a short month. He has many new friends in his life and each one is so important to him. His reading skills and math skills amaze me. How much he has learned in such a short time. It was so hard to leave preschool behind. His teachers adored him as much he did them. It was like a second family... They were so good to him. Gavin will be a big brother in May. He is beyond excited. Already said the crib is going next to his bed. He made a decoration to hang above the bed. This pregnancy has been a bit different than my last. I have had many days of illness. It isn't morning sickness because sometimes it can last all day and I could nap anytime. I can't complain though, I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. Kenney is working at Sportsman’s Warehouse and I am still at the Bank. Life is wonderful! The blogs will start rolling in. I prefer the blogs versus updates to facebook. Stay tuned! XOXO, Jackson

Friday, April 29, 2011


Gavin has turned 4 & 4 has nothing on terrible 2's. His birthday party was a blast! All of his friends made it to his Ben 10 Birthday. Gavin is now staying at home 3 days with Dad & school the other 2 days. Daddy had taught Gavin so much. Adding and they are working on penmenship. Gavin loves to learn and more then anything enjoys every moment with us. Gav got a new puppy his name is Bubba.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New pics

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A year has gone by....

I can't believe that over a year has gone by. Gavin is doing amazing and getting so big! He starter going to a preschool/daycare and loves it! He has started sounding out letters. Ask him what letter makes an Ahhh sound. He loved that game.. He loves letters and numbers. To him they are games. He weighs in at about 45 pounds. Size 11.5 feet! Tall boy too over 42.5 inches. I will post some updated pictures. Gavin still loves to sing and play instruments. Over the summer he learnedto swim face down in the pool. He comes up with something new every day. Loving every moment!